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15 января 2019 года

Application Results of Compact EM Tool at the Geoelectric Test Site of Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics

A geoelectric prospecting test site was constructed within the area of Kluchi geophysical station (Novosibirsk, IPGG SB RAS). The aim of the test site is to study resolution of the near surface geophysical equipment and to improve methodical base of field works. The ten squares of 100 m2 were used test site design, in which 33 targets simulating various real objects were organized. The following objects were laid down: plastic and metal pipes with different length and diameter, aluminum flasks, plastic jerry cans, etc. In the course of our work the distinctive features of every measured component of the signal were identified. Various targets are identified either in real or imaginary components of the signal. The imaginary component describes the position of the test object more clearly. The phase of signal appears to be an efficient way to display the field data. Targets with different shapes and depths can appear

as form of one to five images. It can lead to difficulties connected with the interpretation of this material without prior accumulated methodical information.

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