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15 января 2019 года

EMS Electromagnetic Multifrequency Sounding Device

Frequency domain electromagnetic induction sounding is the full title of the method, hardwared in EMS devices. Hereby presented paper includes material made by two

devices: EMS-2 and EMS-3. EMS3 improvements are the matter of design, power consumption, weight and speed of data acquisition.

The device novelty is the realisation of 3-coils device for swface investigation. Instead of two coils - transmitting and receiving - as in the usual Slingram devices, EMS-3 has one transmitting and two receiving coils that allow to compensate primary field and drastically improves the device features.

EMS was tested at numerous sites in Russia, Italy and Antarctica. Comparison with GEM-300, EM-31, EM-34, georadar and DC resistivity tomography were done; In al1 the cases a good correlation between various instrumentation was obtained; Meanwhile, EMS featured better noise resitance, sensitivity and resolution in addition to the unique feature: ability to visualize data as cross-section and pseudo3D view as wel1 as a map right in the field.

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